NaturalmenteĀ Puglia srl was founded in 2000.

His creations are the result of careful analysis of the raw material “Stones”, whose extraction is mostly done in the properties quarry located in the Murgia area, on Alberobello Unesco heritage.


Here sages experienced hands have able to realize through mechanical procedures and manuals, floor and wall tiles, taking care to maintain the properties of the stone, such as color, diversity of tones, heat, making them suitable both to the recovery of ancient structures like country houses, farmhouses and historical centers, both for new buildings such as hotels, restaurants and houses in new urban centers.


The models of our production fashioned with skill, well represent the Made in Italy in the World, are exclusive on international territory, as it is exclusively the leading position for quality, continuous research and experimentation in order to guarantee the best manufacturing techniques for reaching product always of the highest quality.